March 13, 2012 (6 years, 1 month ago)

Unsafe Levels of Glyphosate(RoundUp) Found in the Urine of City Dwellers

© Occupy Monsanto

A recent article published in the Ithika journal cites a study performed on average citizens of Berlin testing whether or not people with no exposure to agriculture such as lawyers, doctors, and journalists had glyphosate in their systems.  Guess what, they did, and had no idea it was in what they had been eating.  Not only did they test positive, but they were found with between 5 and 20 times the “acceptable” limit. Glyphosate is a poison, extremely deadly for most plants, and quite toxic for people, especially over time.  It also not only gets into our blood stream, but can cross the blood barrier and reach your unborn children.

As glyphosate is starting to be implicated in an increasing number of illnesses and complications in both farm animals and humans alike, you may find it even more startling to hear about some of the more disturbing ways it is used.  One method underlined by the Germans is “Totspritzen”, which translates as “Dead spraying”.  In this method, entire crops are sprayed just days before harvest, for dealing with the next round of weeds after the current crop is taken up and before the next crop sprouts.  It is also used to keep some foods fresh for longer periods after harvesting them, being found completely throughout entire potatoes and some other such crops.  It is also important to consider the ways in which this toxic herbicide is implemented in non-agricultural uses such as playgrounds, schools, and parks.  It should also not be forgotten that is has been found to be in groundwater, despite the fact that Monsanto et al “guaranteed” us that groundwater contamination wasn’t a possibility.

The effects on human health by glyphosate aren’t fully understood at this time.  What we do know is that it does have a powerful impact on fertility, and as it strongly binds with many minerals in the soil, it sucks out important nutrients from our food and bodies.  It has also been shown to cause liver damage in animal tests.  The thing we don’t know, is what will happen to us down the road if we keep bombarding our bodies with this toxin for two, three, four, five decades down the road.  It’s time for us to use caution, at least until we have more answers.