January 18, 2005 (13 years, 3 months ago)

McDonald's CEO Dies From 'McDonald's' Diet

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Charlie Bell, former CEO of McDonalds Restaurant chain died from colorectal cancer at age 44. He is the second CEO to die from preventable disease caused by the type of diet that the fast-food chain peddles. Former CEO Jim Cantalupo died of a heart attack in April of 2004.

Bell was from Australia and last month McDonald’s spent $300,000 to fly Bell and his family back to Australia on a private medically equipped jet, paid for shipping their belongings, bought the Bells’ Illinois home and agreed to pay any tax bills related to the benefits. The company also amended a stock options agreement with Bell, enabling him to transfer 1.44 million stock options to his wife and allowed 655,000 of those options to vest immediately.

The lavish treatment of its executives is in stark contrast to its treatment of its workers, most of whom get no benefits and only minimum wage.

McDonalds has a long history of enriching it’s executives on the backs of its workers. In 1972 McDonalds founder, Ray Kroc, funneled $250,000 to Richard M. Nixon in exchange for a 20% reduction in the minimum wage for teenagers.

Even though McDonalds sells food which is unhealthy and of low quality, it is the largest restaurant in the world.

The secret of its success is not in the sauce but in the fact that they agressively target children, knowing that eating habits formed in early childhood are likely to stick with a person throughout their life. McDonalds lures children in with toys and playgrounds and then hooks them on addictive food that is way too high in fat, protein, sodium, chemicals and toxins. Those children who grow up eating at McDonalds continue to go as adults and take their children there – continuing the cycle of self-destructive and mindless behavior while increasing medical costs and causing the general devolution of the human species.

The fact that McDonalds causes so much harm is understandable considering that its founder, Ray Kroc was a self-confessed satanist, a fact that the McDonald’s corporation has gone to great lengths to coverup.

Perhaps the devil has merely claimed his own in taking Charlie Bell at age 44.

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