December 8, 2014

GMO Approvals Pose Threat to Food Supply

A recent article on  reveals that even more toxic breeds of genetically-modified crops have gained approval from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). This news serves as a direct threat to the organic industry, and has angered many organic companies and concerned consumers who prefer non GMO heirloom seeds and vegetables.

The approval of more GMO crops was confirmed on October 15, when the USDA decided to deregulate Dow Chemical’s latest genetically-engineered crops.

“These crops are not only resistant to glyphosate, but also carry resistance to toxins like 2,4-D, a component of Agent Orange, and Dicamba, which has been linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The chemical 2,4-D and other herbicides of this class have also been linked to immune system cancers, Parkinson’s disease, endocrine disruption, and reproductive problems,” said Dr. Mercola on his website.

Dow Chemical, an American multinational chemical corporation, is one of the world’s largest GMO manufacturers. It has been endlessly pushing its products for government support, and it proved successful in its efforts when the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved Enlist Duo—the company’s latest herbicide. This product will be applied on various corn and soybean crops that are resistant to 2,4-D and glyphosate.

The EPA explained their decision in the following statement:

“The agency’s decision reflects a large body of science and an understanding of the risk of pesticides to human health and the environment. EPA scientists used highly conservative and protective assumptions to evaluate human health and ecological risks for the new uses of 2,4-D in Enlist Duo. The agency evaluated the risks to all age groups, from infants to the elderly, and took into account exposures through food, water, pesticide drift, and as a result of use around homes. The decision meets the rigorous Food Quality Protection Act standard of ‘reasonable certainty of no harm’ to human health.”

Many organic consumers were upset by this sudden announcement and voiced out their opinions on the subject.

“The decision to deregulate 2,4-D was not foolhardy. It was bribed, bought, and paid for. So ‘criminal’ is a better word,” commented a user on

“There's only one answer to this: totally detach from the 'system' and obtain only certified organic foods and heirloom seeds non GMO from those you can trust. Grow your own if possible. Any other path is penny-wise, pound-foolish and leads to mounting sickness, medical costs, unhappiness. The modern world is carefully dis-educated though toward saving the average person time and money so they can spend more on fun and toys. We must learn to take joy from feeding ourselves right or suffer pain and heavy financial losses shortly down the road,” said another concerned user on

Small-scale businesses were also completely baffled by USDA and EPA’s abrupt decision to deregulate Dow Chemical’s GMO crops and pesticides. This verdict directly affects many small, family-owned farms and organic seed companies who are working hard to provide all-natural produce to the public.

Home and Garden America, a non-GMO seed company based in Nevada, expressed its dismay on this sudden turn of events.

“The USDA and EPA were already regulating those GMO products because they know it’s not safe for consumption. But why lift the regulations out of the blue? It seems like the government is going in the complete opposite direction in the fight against GMO labeling. They should be protecting us from these harmful products, but instead they’re even making it more available to the public,” a representative for Home and Garden America said.

“Our company has always been an advocate for 100% organic products since its foundation. We make sure to provide non gmo heirloom seeds and vegetables to every one of our customers. We’ve been pushing for proper GMO labeling for years, but now it seems hopeless when the government itself approves even more GMO crops and pesticides to enter the market. There’s really no one else to count on these days,” the representative continued.

“The best thing we can do in this situation is to start change in our own homes. Support your local farmer’s market or better yet, grow your own organic garden to ensure healthier food. Stop buying commercial produce because only the greedy GMO companies will benefit from it. Always choose organic and help spread the word about the dangers of GMOs. More people need to know about this so we can stop the bad guys and pressure the government to finally label GMO products. It’s still a long way, but we’ll get there eventually,” concluded the HAGA representative.