December 10, 2014

U.S. Ambassador Dan Mozena Lies For Monsanto

Apparently it is not enough for Monsanto to get one of their staff named America's Food Czar, now they have placed their minions into US embassy's as well.

U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh Dan Mozena recently put his name to a nauseating Op-Ed that is pure propaganda for the agro-chemical industrial. In it, he makes the most outrageous claims about GMOs and industrial agriculture.

For those with the stomach for it, his trash can be read at No doubt the piece originated in the bowels of the marketing dept. of Monsanto and then excreted through Mr. Mozena's mouth.

In the blatant propaganda, Mr. Mozena neglects to mention how toxic Bt brinjal (eggplant or aubergine) is to humans and the fact that farmers in Bangladesh who were sold on Bt brinjal plants have demanded compensation for huge losses they incurred cultivating the GM crop.

Nor has liar Dan mentioned that Bt brinjal was banned in India and the Philippines because of risks to human health and nature.

Rat feeding studies show that rats eating Bt brinjal experienced organ and system damage: ovaries at half their normal weight, enlarged spleens with white blood cell counts at 35 to 40 percent higher than normal with elevated eosinophils, indicating immune function changes; toxic effects to the liver: as demonstrated by elevated bilirubin and elevated plasma acetylcholinesterase.

Putting corporate lackeys in strategic government jobs is routine for the Obama administration.

The following video contains more information about the hazards of GMOs: