December 15, 2015

Monsanto To Be Tried For "Crimes Against Humanity"

The Monsanto Company has been charged with “Crimes Against Humanity” and will be tried at The Hague in The Netherlands next year.  The trial is currently scheduled for October 12-16, 2016.

The Monsanto Company’s history in creating havoc for human and other forms of life is extensive, having created and mass-produced many highly toxic products including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs, now banned in many areas and one of 12 so-called “Persistant Organic Pollutants”; 2,4,5-T (a dioxin-containing part of what is sometimes known as Agent Orange and which has been linked to and continues to be blamed for extensive cancers and birth defects, long after its original use in chemical bombings in Vietnam); Lasso, the trade name for the herbicide with the active ingredient and recently classified as a possible carcinogen by the US EPA; and Roundup, the trade name for a glyphosate-based herbicide ‘cocktail’ which has been recently reclassified as possible carcinogen also by the U.S. EPA.

The charges in the case include that it has on an ongoing basis ignored the health/environmental damage by its products, worked to conceal the truth of the hazards, lobbied governments and regulatory agencies to look the other way, sponsored fraudulent studies to convince others of the products’ safety, pressured scientists not to challenge the company, as well as working systematically with the press and media to keep the truth submerged and the Monsanto version of things alive.\

The trial will involve assessing the truth of these allegations against The Monsanto Corporation and, assuming fault is found, assess damages.  Two key rules of law will be used in evaluating the case, including the United Nations’ 2001 “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights” and – in particular for the potential criminal liability part of the trial – the Rome statute that is behind the whole concept of the International Criminal Court created at the Hague in 2002.

It is clear that the case will be fought hard by Monsanto, and winning the case against the company will be expensive.  As a result, a unique crowdfunding approach to securing additional litigation expenses has been launched by those leading the trial.  The crowdfunding goal is raising € 1 Million.  Those interested in making a donation to that effort can go to: