May 15, 2018

How the AMERO Digital Currency Can Save Our Food Supply

With crop yields declining in many regions due to climate change, the long-term negative consequences of industrial agricultural and GMOs, with continued population growth and increased diversion of crops to meat production, humanity is headed for mass famine unless drastic action is taken very soon to develop new more sustainable food production systems.

Most government, academia and industry seem uninterested in more sane and sustainable food systems, so the solutions have to come from the people and many have responded to the need. The number of market gardens and local farmers markets continue to increase in many countries. A growing number of Millennials are moving to rural areas and breathing new life into communities and reviving family farms.

However, much more is needed and the new people's digital currency, the AMERO, will empower the development of new more sustainable organic food production systems and help more people learn of the benefits of reduced meat consumption and a more plant-based diet.

New software technology called blockchain (tamper-proof encrypted ledger) has made it possible for individuals and organizations to produce their own digital currency (cryptocurrency). This has created tremendous potential for positive change because it creates the means for a new economic system and debt-free finance.

Most cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, have ended up being used primarily as investment commodities and are creating a new 1% elite, and the actual social benefits have been minimal.

The AMERO was developed by altruistic entrepreneur Tim Loncarich (aka Timo Nadudvari, the producer of Bad Seed - The Truth About Our Food), to be used primarily to fund the development of a more humane and sustainable civilization.

An initial 450 billion AMERO, with an assigned value of $1 USD/AMERO, will be given as grants to government agencies, non-profit organizations and organizations doing important R&D. The AMERO digital currency will be exchanged by those who receive the grants for needed goods and services. The suppliers who accept the AMERO will then exchange them for the goods and services they need from other vendors and so on as the AMERO continues to be traded for what companies need.

The AMERO is an international currency intended primarily for North and Central America and the Caribbean. It will make it easier to do business across national borders and greatly strengthen the regional economy by funding important new projects that will contribute to sustainable economic development -- all without debt.

Because it is being launched within the existing North America Procurement Council network -- a government-to-business (G2B) and business-to-business (B2B) network that reaches millions of users, it will be able to make a difference very quickly after it is launched on June 4th, 2018. Hundreds of businesses are already signing up to accept AMERO and the network is growing in anticipation of the launch.

Approximately 2 months after the AMERO has been launched, additional digital currencies will be deployed for other parts of the world. The LIBERATO will be for Europe and Asia, the OTESHA will be used mostly for Africa and the DIGESO will be for Latin America. In total, 2 trillion dollars worth of new people's currency will be initially created, with more available as the networks grow and can absorb the funds.

The digital currencies are people's currencies in that they are not owned or controlled by any government. Ultimately, they will be managed by a team of experts from diverse backgrounds who will be elected by the people.

By the end of the year, it is anticipated that the digital currencies can be exchanged for national currencies through a people's bank.

These currencies will function in parallel to national currencies and will enable the 99% to take back their power from the 1% and work around obsolete and corrupt institutions to create something better. However, the apathy, ignorance and blind self-interest that has created our current dire circumstances could also imperil efforts to create something better unless more intelligent and compassionate people step forward and help lead.

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